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The latest in tracer technology, helps us optimise your separation process to maximise your profit.

Monitor Operations

Up until now, the mining industry has come to expect low quality, low yield results, losing much of their valuable product to the pit.

Manage Results

With CurvePRO, your results are immediate. You can make improvements throughout the process, thereby increasing accuracy and potential profit.

Maximise Revenue

Increase accuracy and security with CurvePRO. Our RFID tracers do not need to be retrieved, minimising the number of hands the results need to pass through.

How does CurvePRO work?

Our RFID Tracers are first inserted into the Dense Medium Separation (DMS) feed. The tracers track the entire process, from insertion to the outgoing product and reject conveyors. In real-time, the tracer notifies the operator of the DMS performance or how accurately the reject product is separated from the valuable product. This data is instantly represented in an automated Partition Curve. From here, operators can make useful and time-sensitive recommendations to improve the process.

CurvePRO will increase your yield

We have done the testing so you don’t have to. Before the launch of CurvePRO, we tested the system at several mining sites around Australia. We saw an average yield improvement of 6.0%, which can equate to a profit increase of $10.7 million dollars per year.

CurvePRO = CurveROI

CurvePRO brings results at a minimal cost. With CurvePRO, you can benefit from impressive profit increase for a relatively small outlay. The potential ROI for you and all our clients is excellent.

CurvePRO is easy to install and use

Implementing CurvePRO is not a complicated and expensive process. It can be integrated with existing tracer technology to make mineral processing more accessible. Our system is designed to minimise your disruption and your expense. The equipment is straightforward and flexible, designed to modernise your processes for greater efficiency and performance overall.

Benefits to Your Operation

  • Our automated real-time curves mean you can adjust your systems and see results instantly
  • We boast 35 years of experience in mineral processing and continue to offer innovative solutions
  • We have proven, time and again, that with our products, you can achieve significant yield increases
  • Our research and solutions will assist you in accurately managing your overall DMS performance
  • Our RFID radio tracers require no retrieval, reducing security and safety issues