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We continue to deliver exceptional quality, state of the art solutions to our satisfied customers every day. In an industry where new client opportunities can be low, we build our reputation and client base through valued expertise and innovative products.


Expert R&D



We offer customised consulting services focused on overcoming your specific challenges. The fact is, we hold ourselves accountable for every challenge we take on. Your success is important to us.

Over the years we have developed a strong and loyal following of industry leaders who know and trust our products. Our technical expertise is second to none and we continue to work on and build our knowledge to ensure that all current and future clients can continue to rely on us.

Our strong foundation in computer-based simulation of Dense Medium Separation has made us an industry leader. We will continue to build on our many years of practical experience in Australia, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Leverage our expertise to your benefit

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to research and development – it is our lifeblood. The research we conduct is always with the customer at the forefront of our minds and we are open to creating custom products for special applications.

What we’ve learned is that if one of you faces a particular challenge, chances are others feel those same struggles. As a result, the solutions we custom deliver become the basis for ongoing commercialized solutions.

If you’ve got an idea that you’re unsure how to develop, we can help. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Specialist Projects & Collaborations

We merge our extensive theoretical knowledge with a practical know-how that sets us apart from others. Having worked across the industry, around the world, we can provide clients with real and tangible industry insights.

We make the time to work with others and share ideas around the global industry conference circuit. We collaborate with other industry leaders to present papers and publications to the wider mining community.

As the experts in our field, we are regularly called on to provide advice and input on technical advisory boards such as the ACPS (Australian Coal Preparation Society) and Standards Australia

Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Listen with curiosity:
“We listen to you, to your engineers, and especially to your operators. They know things.”
Speak with honesty:
“That is the most convincing way. There is no need to recall what you told someone else.”
Act with integrity:
“For self-respect and client satisfaction”
Dr. Chris Wood, Director Partition Enterprises