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Partition Enterprises provides exclusive products and services to the global mining and mineral processing industries. Our focus is on developing outstanding solutions for our clients, ensuring accuracy, productivity and profitability in mineral processing and dense medium separation (DMS). As the primary worldwide producer of high quality density tracers, Partition Enterprises has developed a suite of trusted standard tracer and DMC products with unique characteristics suitable for a variety of mineral applications.

Take Control

Monitor and adjust your existing operations with accurate real-time data. Use this instant feedback to improve your system’s efficiency.

Gain Insight

Understand your circuit weaknesses and eliminate or manage them. Understand your plant and its capabilities for excellence in KPIs, now and into the future.

Realise Plant Potential

Advanced simulations allow accurate yield predictions and the capability to assess profit potential in alternative markets.


“Have just returned from NW Liberia after two intense but highly successful months of exploration. Thanks so much for your rapid response to my request. The density tracers are a WOW!!!!!! These have allowed us to confirm that we are losing diamonds BUT now know how to rectify the problem. Field manager company directors were most impressed the analytical documentation of density tests on 50 of the tracers is a clear testament to the accuracy quality control that Partition Enterprises places on its products. Keep up the good work.”
Stephen E. Haggerty, Chief Exploration Officer [YDMC]
Distinguished Research Professor, Geosciences
Florida International University
Miami, FL USA

Products & Services

Density Tracers for Coal Applications

Density Tracers

Coal Applications

Density Tracers for Diamond Applications

Density Tracers

Diamond Applications

CurvePRO DMS Optimisation


DMS Optimisation

Consulting & Expert R&D


and Expert R&D

Global Supplier

Partition Enterprises is the major world-wide manufacturer of tracers for the mineral processing industries. We meet a highly specialised need as a niche supplier, with a small and dedicated team. You will find us quick to provide information and product and responsive to your special requirements. We do not maintain overseas offices or agents, preferring to deal directly with clients by visits, email and telephone.

Integrity & Experience

We see ourselves as your business partner, so we strive to help you recover the potential yield unlocked by our technology. This includes leveraging from our extensive knowledge of dense medium cyclone design and our world-leading DMC audit experience. Our success is measured by the increases in yield that you capture, and the consequent improvement to your bottom line.